DrishtiShree Arts Private Limited

In an Indian cinematic world dominated by commercial films, one man, Mr. Harit Ratna is charting the path of the Avant Garde with DrishtiShree Arts Private Limited.

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Creating Works of Art

DrishtiShree Arts Private Limited has always been ahead of time, it is the first transit media owner in the West Bengal in which Buses, taxies, autos, minibuses were branded. This was a revolutionary move, which is still been followed and has been thoroughly expanded. The biggest characteristics of us is that we do not simply cater in the film industry segment but also, in the segments which cannot be tamed so easily, creating upliftment from the roots.

We at Drishtishree Arts Private Limited, are determined to renew the impact of cultural & social films on the psyche of Indian audience.

Harit Ratna, Founder


Promoting Home-grown Actors

Taking inspiration from the art-house movement in Bengal from 1950-80, moving onto New Age filmmaking and technology, Drishtishree Arts Private Limited has produced a slate of films with the purpose of creating a social impact.

Our Projects


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The Future Vision

Drishtishree Arts Private Limited believes in expanse of creativity. We are driven by passion and our future envisions not only the growth of our company but the industry as a whole.

Promotion of local art and culture with which people can connect with in their day to day lives.

A platform that produces content in every format such as movies, web series, short films, documentary etc.

To promote home-grown actors, local art and culture to the grassroot levels to big screen.